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How To Get More ‘Me Time’ As A New Mom

We all know that a pregnancy is three trimesters long and you’ve probably heard people call the hectic weeks right after baby is born the fourth trimester. Now Lauren Smith Brody is offering her new book, “The Fifth Trimester,” about the time when maternity leave ends and new moms have to get back to work. And while “me time” for a new mom might sound impossible, here’s how Brody says you can make it happen.

Understand what "me time" really means - So what should you do with your “me time?” Brody suggests you spend it doing what makes you feel happiest and most like you. It could be shopping, working out, volunteering, or just catching up with your favorite show.

Remember, you can't do everything at once - So don’t try! It’s overwhelming just having a newborn, but when you go back to work, your stress levels will probably skyrocket. Just focus on what you CAN do. And don’t be afraid to ask for more help as you need it.

Spend time with old and new friends - Brody says one of the biggest things that helps women adjust to motherhood is having satisfying friendships. We need people we relate to and can vent to, and those who reassure us our babies are developing just fine. And you can still have a girls’ night out, you just want to make it early if you’re sleep-deprived.

Your commute is a secret weapon - Don’t get frustrated when you’re back at work and stuck in traffic. Use the down time to your advantage. Call a friend, listen to music, put on some hand lotion for some aromatherapy - just try to calm down and make the most of it.

Take advantage of vacation time - Now is probably not the time you want to plan that trip to Paris, but an afternoon of pampering at the spa could be perfect. Relax and call the sitter, mama.

Source: Shape

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