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Some Odd Sounding Health Tips That Actually Work

Nobody likes to go to the doctor, so many of us will do anything that may make us healthier, and there’s no doubt there are plenty of old wives tales out there about home remedies that can keep us in tip top shape. But it turns out, some of these things may actually work, and a lot of them are fairly simple, although some can be kind of out there.

Health tips include:

  • Apples can stave off headaches – If you’re a migraine sufferer something as simple as an apple may actually help. A study found that the odor of a green apple helped decrease the severe symptoms of migraines. Some think the pleasant fragrances can relax people and distract them from migraine pain. 
  • Flush toilet with lid down – This may be gross, but flushing with the lid open allows water with E.coli and other fecal-based bacteria to float in the air and land on surfaces, like say your toothbrush.
  • Eat chocolate after the gym - Research suggests chocolate milk after the gym can help recovery and muscle growth, thanks to the protein in the chocolate milk, while the sugar in chocolate can provide a boost of energy. 
  • Take a Coffee nap – A Japanese study showed that drinking about two cups of coffee and then taking a 20-minute nap helped people feel more alert, and helped them perform better.
  • New shoes can help your sex life – An Italian study suggests that high heels can affect the pleasure muscles, which are linked to orgasms. 
  • Drink water when you’re bloated – Although it sounds counterproductive, drinking water when you’re bloated will help, since it will mix with soluble fibers creating a substance that affects the gut and reduces bloating. 
  • Workout even if you’re tired – Although it’s hard to get moving when you are tired, a workout like a run will help boost your energy levels, and will help oxygen move around your body more efficiently to make you less tired. 
  • Chew to boost brain power – Believe it or not, a UK study suggests chewing mint-flavored gum can decrease feelings of tiredness, while another study says it could help improve test scores and memory.
  • Cool down by getting hot – While a hot beverage is the last thing you can think about when you’re sweating, studies suggest that a hot beverage can actually cool you off because sweating creates a cooling affect that far outweighs the added heat from the drink.
  • Don’t brush teeth after eating – Some suggest that brushing your teeth right after you eat can actually increase the effect the acids in food have on your teeth. Such acids can soften tooth enamel, so some suggest waiting 30 to 60 minutes before brushing.

Source: New York Post

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