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Which States Pay The Most Taxes?

While most people hate tax time, there are certainly folks in certain states who hate it more than others because they wind up paying a whole lot more. So, which states have it the worst?

Well, not surprising, one of the things that’s not so great about New York is their tax bill. According to WalletHub, folks in New York have the highest tax burden (which consists of property taxes, individual income taxes, and sales and excise taxes) of any other state in the country at 12.94%.

U.S. States With The Highest Tax Burden

  1. New York (12.94%)
  2. Hawaii (11.27%)
  3. Vermont (10.75%)
  4. Maine (10.73%)
  5. Minnesota (10.24%)
  6. Connecticut (10.23%)
  7. New Jersey (10.14%)
  8. Rhode Island (10.09%)
  9. Illinois (10.00%)
  10. California (9.52%) 

On the flipside, folks in Delaware probably dread tax time the least, since they have the lowest tax burden at just 5.9%, with Alaska just behind them at 6.27%.

U.S. States With The Lowest Tax Burden

  1. Delaware (5.59%)
  2. Alaska (6.27%)
  3. Tennessee (6.45%)
  4. Oklahoma (6.61%)
  5. New Hampshire (6.70%)
  6. Florida (6.79%)
  7. South Dakota (7.12%)
  8. Alabama (7.19%)
  9. Wyoming (7.29%)
  10. Montana (7.51%)

Source: WalletHub

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