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Want Better Care? Get On Your Doc’s Good Side

You may have felt like your elementary school teacher and possibly even your mom played favorites sometimes, but it turns out, they weren’t the only ones. According to a recent study from Johns Hopkins University, most doctors have preferred patients, too.

And while we all want to be well-liked, being a physician's favorite can mean you get faster callbacks and appointments, says Dr. Sharon Bergquist, a primary care physician at Emory University. So how do you get on your doctor’s good side? Listen up and take notes.

Don’t get too buddy-buddy: When going over your list of issues, don’t go off on tangents, like sharing all the deets of your wedding. It’s not an efficient use of time, so it could irritate your doc. Give the “Cliff’s Notes” versions and make sure you come prepared, asking your most important questions first.

Mind your manners: Common courtesy goes a long way. That means saying “thank you” to everyone, from the receptionist to the nurse. When your doctor sees you showing respect for her staff members, she’ll notice. And you’ll score some big brownie points.

Take a chill pill: We’re all in a hurry and everyone’s time is valuable, so keep it in perspective. Bergquist explains, “We have to prioritize people to ensure the sickest are taken care of first.” So you might have to wait for your test results, but when you’re the sick one, you’ll appreciate going sooner.

Source: Women's Health

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