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The Worst Things You Can Eat For Dinner

Sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to make dinner, so we order takeout, knowing it’s probably not the healthiest thing we could be eating. But you don’t have to order in to have a less than nutritious meal. Here are some of our go-to quick dinners that aren’t as harmless as they seem.

Frozen dinners - No matter what they print on the front of the package, a lot of these so-called “healthy” frozen meals are full of sodium and preservatives we can’t pronounce. If you stash these in the freezer for dinner in a pinch, make sure you read the labels.

Spaghetti with jarred sauce - What’s wrong with this meal? Well, the pasta is pretty much the definition of refined carbs and offers no nutrition, while the sauce is more like a dessert with all the sugar in it. You’re better off with whole-wheat pasta, homemade sauce, and some protein in there to help fill you up.

Cereal - Packaged cereals are known for being high in sugar and not having much protein, so they’re really not great for breakfast or dinner. When you’re shopping for cereal, get one with more than five grams fiber and less than 10 grams of sugar.

Spicy foods - Sure, hot peppers are great for boosting your metabolism and healthy blood sugar levels, but spicy foods can irritate acid reflux and cause indigestion, making it hard to sleep. So just enjoy your hot salsa and fiery curry earlier in the day.

Peanut butter and jelly - This comfort food is fast and easy, but white bread and jelly are loaded with sugar. Instead use whole wheat bread and all-fruit spreads with no added sugar, and consider switching to almond butter so you get more vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium from your sammy.

Source: Women's Health

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