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Man Spends Three Years Proposing

A week after Timothy Chee started dating Candice Catherine, he knew he wanted to marry her. And in that second week, he wrote her a love letter that began with a big capital “W.” It was the first of many well-planned notes.

Over the course of their three-year relationship, he wrote her 13 more letters, each beginning with a large letter. And when all the love letters were laid out together, those big letters spelled out (surprise!) “Will you marry me.” How’s that for romance?

And yes, the couple is now happily married and Candice says the proposal was pretty perfect. Chee left her a note she read when she woke up, instructing her to come out when she was ready. When she opened the door, he had rose petals and candles everywhere. He had laid out all 14 of the letters and they read them together, reliving their relationship. Then he arranged the letters and asked her to look at them again.

Candice says she always knew her man was a “genuinely a thoughtful and romantic kind of guy.” It sure sounds like it! Planning a proposal for three years, starting a week into the relationship takes a lot of thoughtful planning and you have to be a true romantic to pull this off. Now, how’s he ever going to top this?

Source: Daily Mail

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