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Having Kids Could Help You Live Longer

When you’re a parent, some days are harder than others. And it’s on those occasions, that you might swear your kids are killing you slowly. But according to a new study, parents actually live longer than those without kids.

For the study, researchers followed over 1.4-million people in Sweden and found that at the age of 60, mothers could expect to live another 23.1-years (which equals about a year and a half longer than women who didn’t have children). Men also got a longevity boost by being dads (guys can expect another 18.4-years after the age of 60).

Researchers don’t know why parents earn this extra time on Earth, but the theory is that kids have a natural desire to take care of their mom and pop. So they’re providing extra social and emotional support for their parents and that quality care could make the difference.

And sure, a year and a half doesn’t sound like a lot of time right now, but it means being around for extra birthdays, holidays, and could give you a chance to see great-grandkids one day.

So remember, when you’re stressed and exhausted from caring for your little ones – take a second and smile knowing they’ll could be doing the same for you one day.

Source: Babble

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