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"The Bachelor" Finale Recap

  • Both Raven and Vanessa met Nick's family and enjoyed their final dates 
  • In the end, Nick proposed to Vanessa and she said yes 
  • During the After the Final Rose special, Rachel met four of the men competing for her love on the upcoming season on "The Bachelorette"

This is it, ladies and gentlemen, the season finale of "The Bachelor." Will Nick propose? Will his lady say yes? Here's how the episode shook out: 

  • Raven hangs with Nick's family again and it's all smiles and hugs. Raven and Nick's little sister Bella is the star of the show, telling Raven that while she hasn't "met the other one," she's rooting for her. Overall, it's generally uneventful and everyone seems happy with Raven. 
  • In comes Vanessa, whose real honest and has no problem asking the tough questions. When she asked Nick's dad if love is enough to sustain a marriage, he says no, you need to be selfless and realize you're not thinking of yourself first anymore. Vanessa and his dad both cry. 
  • After meeting the parents, Vanessa gets one-on-one time with Nick and they met Santa. That's right, Santa. Vanessa was exactly as excited as she should be and then Saint Nick gave them a keepsake that had something to do with fertility. Weird, Santa. 
  • Vanessa, queen of keeping it real all the time, told Nick all her insecurities and pointed out that she's not sure whether she can accept Nick's proposal because that would mean he loves her only slightly more than Raven. 
  • Raven and Nick's solo time involved plenty of giggles and ice skating. Nick talked about how "easy" everything is with Raven and she says she trusts he'll make the "right" choice and she's 100% ready to get engaged. Nick tells her that he's never felt this way in his life. As he puts it, "I know I'll have the type of love I've always wanted." 
  • Well, it turned out all of that meant nothing because, through tears, Nick told Raven he didn't know if he was "in love" with her. Ouch. She kept it together in the car ride home, though.
  • When Vanessa walked in, Nick wiped away his tears and they had a lovely little back and forth that did seem genuine. Nick got down on one knee and despite what she said, Vanessa said yes.

During the "After the Final Rose" portion, we got to see Raven, who announced she'll be on the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise." Vanessa, true to style, was very honest (and maybe not in a good way, in places) about how hard their relationship has been considering they're in different countries and "still getting to know each other."

Rachel joined Chris Harrison on stage and after doing the obligatory talk about being nervous, Chris announced her season was starting right then. Four of the men competing for Rachel's heart came out and met her and it was pretty awkward, despite Rachel being lovely. We'll have to wait until the next season of "The Bachelorette" to watch the rest of the gentlemen. 

Source: ABC

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