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Nature Docs Could Ease Anxiety From News Cycles

When the news of the day is stressing you out, take the BBC’s advice and watch a nature documentary. Sure, the network is currently showing the high-quality series “Planet Earth II,” but their suggestion is backed by a recent study analyzing the effects nature footage has on happiness and well-being. And it turns out, watching these nature shows really helps.

In the study, the 7,500 people around the world who watched clips of “Planet Earth II” reported feeling less nervous, anxious, stress, and fear, as well as feeling more joy, enthusiasm, relaxed, and amused. Previous research backs these findings up as well, generally finding that nature has healing powers.

So when you just can’t take hearing or reading anything else about politics or the state of the world today, treat yourself to a little nature instead. You’ll learn something and get a mental health boost. And doesn’t that sound like a nice way to deal with the stress of life today?

Source: Huffington Post

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