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Doctor-Approved Food Swaps To Make You Live Longer

A lot of us use physical signs like gaining or losing weight to decide if our diet is working or not, but Dr. Sherry Ross says that only gives us short-term clues. She says we need to think about the long-term effects what we’re eating has on our health and life span. And making these easy food swaps can help us live longer and be healthier.

Red meat - Ross says research shows that premenopausal women who ate diets high in animal fat had a 40% to 50% higher risk of breast cancer than women who ate less of it. So trade in your high-fat cuts of red meat for leaner chicken or turkey, or even non-meat protein to cut your risk.

Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil - You’ll find this stuff in everything from margarine, to snack foods, and baked goods like cookies and doughnuts, and Ross says you should cut it from your diet. If you see this oil on the label, it means “some trans fat is present, even if the label says 0 trans fat.” Scary! And a lot of trans fats in the diet can increase your risk of heart disease and raise cholesterol. So avoid processed foods and cook your own meals, that way you know exactly what you’re eating.

Wine - You don’t want to hear this, but “having two or more drinks a day increases the chance of developing breast cancer as much as 41%,” Ross says. And cutting out your glass or two of wine a couple times a week will have immediate benefits to blood sugar, water retention, blood pressure, energy level, sleep and more. So swap your nightly glass of wine for one only on the weekends only, if going “dry” is too extreme for you.

Fast food - This stuff is full of sodium, which affects water retention and raises blood pressure and heart rate, Ross says. So if you’re craving salty foods, you might be dehydrated - and calcium-rich foods like yogurt, almonds, and sesame seeds can help. Just stay away from processed soups and deli meats that are loaded with sodium.

Source: My Domaine

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