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"The Bachelor" Recap

  • Nick spent a night in the Fantasy Suite with each of the three remaining women 
  • In the end, he sent Rachel home
  • The main drama during the "Women Tell All" episode was between enemies Taylor and Corinne

This week's episode of "The Bachelor" picked up with the answer we were all waiting for: did Nick leave Raven satisfied? According to the literal dance she did after he left, we'll take that as a yes. Here's how the rest of the dates played out: 

  • Rachel and Nick's time together included cross-country skiing, which it turns out Rachel is not good at. It looked pretty boring, though, and soon enough they moved inside to some very small cabin. There was smooching, Rachel admitted she's "falling" for Nick and, surprisingly, he says the same thing. 
  • In case you forgot, Rachel has already been announced as the next Bachelorette, which means none of this matters, but Nick made her breakfast after their night together, which is sweet. 
  • Vanessa's date started off with an ice bath because Vanessa can never have a normal date. Nick was about it though, praising her for constantly getting out of her comfort zone. 
  • Naturally, the topic of Vanessa's not-so-pleasant hometown date came up and Nick kept referring to her family as "traditional." Things got a bit awkward.
  • Regardless of some tough conversations, Vanessa described Nick as her other half and they spent the night together in the Fantasy Suite. 
  • Then, there was the rose ceremony. Probably not surprisingly, Rachel was sent home, which means the final two are Vanessa and Raven. 

After we got our final two, it was time for the "Women Tell All" episode. It started off with the obligatory "crashing 'Bachelor' viewing parties" but let's be honest, we all just wanted to see the ladies go at each other. 

  • There was a weird segment where everyone took turns complimenting Liz and talking about how she "builds wells and orphanages." 
  • Taylor was the first to really bring the drama and regardless of her going on and on about how she wanted an apology from Corinne, who did not want to give her one. 
  • Then, Corinne hit the hot seat and lord, there was a lot of arguing about napping. What is a nap? When is it appropriate to nap? Who naps? Eventually, she and Taylor did eventually sort of make up. 
  • Kristina was next in the hot seat and reminded us that this whole situation is silly and unimportant considering there are children in orphanages fighting for their lives. She remains the classiest, most pulled together woman this season. 
  • When Nick finally hit the stage, there were plenty of ladies who wanted answers but it's the same answer every time: his relationships with other women was stronger. The strange thing? It seems like all the ladies still think of Nick fondly. 
  • When Rachel makes her official Bachelor Nation debut as the next Bachelorette we find out she really is popular. All the other women are rooting for her. Naturally, Chris Harrison brings up that Rachel will be the first black star of the show, to which she sweetly recognizes but says isn't the center of her "journey."

Source: ABC

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