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Teen Steers School Bus To Safety, Saves Kids

An Alabama teen is being recognized as a hero for helping to save the lives of other elementary school kids on the bus with him when it veered off the road. Pell City High School Senior Jesse Frank stayed calm when the driver suffered a medical emergency and collapsed behind the wheel, running to the front of the bus and taking over the steering wheel.

Frank used his hand to push down on the brake until the bus stopped and then called 911 for help. And when it arrived, he stayed and helped comfort some of the 38 younger kids on board who were upset and shaken up.

“It didn’t seem that complicated in my head,” Frank says of his actions. “I just planned out a few simple steps. I didn’t think it would be that hard to execute them.” For his efforts, Pell City Mayor Bill Pruitt presented Frank with a key to the city. “Jesse is a hero to all of those children and their families,” Pruitt writes in a Facebook post, “and he is certainly a hero to us.”

Source: CBS News

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