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The Wrong People To Ask For Relationship Advice

When you’re going through a rough patch with your S.O., talking about it can help you work through your feelings. And having someone to vent to can make it easier to see things clearly. But as much as you love the nearest and dearest people in your life, some could actually add negativity to your problem and that won’t help. Here are some you should avoid taking relationship advice from:

  • The perpetually single friend – Your bestie who LOVES being single and not tied down might give you sound advice about your rocky romance, but she could also sway you when you’re feeling down about your love life. Her freedom might seem more appealing than it is because you’re fighting with your bae, so you probably want to avoid complaining about it to this eternally single friend.
  • The friend who dates too much – This friend is the opposite of those two and her whole “plenty of fish in the sea” attitude makes you wonder if she’s right. Sure, there could be someone hotter or smarter out there, but you don’t want to end a romance because of some what-ifs. You can be like your happy-go-lucky girl and still give your relationship the chance it deserves.
  • Your family – Sure, these people love you, but that may mean they think you can do no wrong - so they think everything must be your partner’s fault. And turning him into the villain won’t help. With relationship issues, you need advice that’s neutral and unbiased, otherwise it’s not really helpful. So forget your family for this.
  • Your ex – Even if you’re friends with your ex, is that really who you trust to advise you on your current relationship? Nope, not so much. Because this person might still have feelings for you and be steering you away from your new love to get you back. And you just don’t need that in your life. Remember, you broke up for a reason.

Source: Elite Daily

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