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How To Worry Less

When your mind is spinning with worries, these tips from author Beth Kempton can help you turn your anxious energy into action and empathy.

  • Slow down and breathe - If you’re spinning out of control, so is the momentum in your worries. So slow down and relax for a minute. Write down what you’re upset about to help you focus.
  • Be mindful - A lot of our worries are in the past or future, so staying in the moment can ease anxiety as well. Focus on the present and use all your senses - try eating something, listening to music - to keep you there and ease your worries.
  • Take a rain check - When you start to feel the familiar worry creeping in again, but you’re already feeling exhausted and tired, put it to the side and try not to deal with it until you’re more rested and thinking clearly.
  • Check in - If you’re ready to challenge your worries, ask yourself these three questions: “Is it real?” “Is it really as bad as I think?” and “Does it really matter?” They’ll help you pay attention to what really matters.
  • Talk it out - If you can share your concerns with someone you trust, you might find things aren’t as bad as they seem once you start talking about it. And someone else’s perspective might help you find a new way to deal with it.
  • Take action - Getting physical can help you release some of that tension you’re holding on to and distract your mind from your worries. So go for a walk or dance it out.

Source: Natural Health

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