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Mom Dresses As Man To Take Kid To Father-Son Event

When Whitney Kittrell’s son wanted to go to the “dads and doughnuts” event at his Utah school, she made it happen for him. Even though that meant dressing up as a man and attending herself.

Kittrell says in a Facebook post that she decided when she became a single mom three years ago, she would do anything to give her kids a ‘normal’ life and the same experiences as other kids - even if that meant going out of her comfort zone. And she admits she was a bit embarrassed heading to her son’s kindergarten class dressed as a man, but his reaction made it all worth it.

Her son was smiling as he introduced her to his friends, telling them he brought her because she is his mom AND dad. Kittrell says when she was leaving her son ran up and whispered something in her ear. "Mom, I know that you'll always be there and do anything for me,” he told her. “Thank you. I love you.”

Source: ABC 7

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