It won’t happen for a while, but ODOT has committed funding to improve some safety at some intersections on U.S. 24 between Napoleon and Defiance. The project is a 4.5 million dollar investment by the state of Ohio, and will include the following improvements in Defiance County:

Construction of an overpass at Independence Road over U.S. 24.

Removal of the median at both Jewell Road and Flory Road, which will prevent traffic movement across the highway, and only right turns at those intersections.

Another phase of the project is to construct a connector road between Flory and Egler Road to ensure Egler Road is not cut-off by parked trains.

Cul-de-sacs will be created at Jewell and Flory Roads, with Defiance County Engineer Warren Schlatter securing 2-million dollars in safety funds, with a 20% county match. A dramatic increase in traffic between Toledo and Fort Wayne has pushed these safety projects along as well.

ODOT reports an independent project in Henry County on U.S. 24 will address safety issues at county road 17-D adjacent to Okolona. And there are plans for a connector road linking Banner School Road and County Road 17-D in Henry County.

Construction is expected in the year 2027.

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