The Lord has a way of turning our saddest days of gloom and despair into hope and new life. Organ donation is a way that takes place. Many families have dealt with the tragedy of a loved-one that has lost their life in an accident, while on the highway, through drowning, or some other incident. But in that grief; there is a way to offer help to another family waiting for an organ transplant. In fact that list is now at 100,000, waiting for a liver, or a kidney, maybe a heart, or some new lungs.1,900 of those waiting, are children, hoping for second chance at life.I t’s unfortunate, but about 100 children will die each year, as time runs out on their wait for an organ donation.Have the conversation now, so if you are faced with that decision, and a loved one passes; be ready to say yes to give life to someone else. In a little Nebraska town recently, a 6 year old boy was killed in a traffic accident. Yet his organs were given so other families could see their children live another day.

The greatest need for children waiting on an organ donation is a liver or a heart, followed by kidneys. April is national donate life month.