The issue of replacing sidewalks was a hot topic for discussion at this week’s meeting of Liberty Center village council. Residents are expected to keep their sidewalks in good condition; but what constitutes ‘good’ might be a debateable topic. More criteria will be developed in the weeks ahead.

Liberty Center council approved their membership in the Henry County CIC at $1,000 for the year. And the cost for insurance coverage for the village went up by about $400 over last year.

Council authorized spending $500 to help pay for the cost of flowers in downtown planters in Liberty Center. And the local merchants are gearing-up for a special event, with the June Jubilee scheduled on Saturday, June 12th, with food crafts and more.

Liberty Center Council will spend about $3,500 to make street improvements on High, Cherry, and West Maple Streets.

Clark Miles has resigned from his position on the zoning board and the Liberty Center board of public affairs .Lynette Branson will take-over the slot on the BPA, while Jesse Miller was named to the board of zoning.

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