The Henry County Commissioners reviewed numbers on electric aggregation, and total estimated savings for county residents if new contracts were approved. Palmer Energy is coordinating the review of costs for seven different supplies of electricity. Henry County has 4 villages and 12 townships that would be included in the group pricing, all are currently receiving services from Toledo Edison. The villages include Holgate, Liberty Center, McClure and New Bavaria; and the total number of meters would be about 3,400.The estimated savings each year for the various customers depended on how long the contract was for. But the biggest savings per year, per customer appeared to be about $30 for residential, and close to $60 for a commercial entity. The current contracts for electric aggregation will expire in June of this year; so the new agreements would begin with the July 2021 billing. There is also an option to receive solar energy or other renewable power in the contracts. Henry County Commissioners are still reviewing the data.