An Aggravated Murder indictment has been handed down in Defiance County Common Pleas Court.Prosecuting Attorney Morris Murray reports 33 year old Dustin Vogelsong of Ney has been indicted for Aggravated Murder, Attempted Murder, two counts of Felonious Assault, two counts of Kidnapping, and separate indictments for Aggravated Robbery and Cruelty to a Companion Animal.

It’s alleged that on March 1st of this year, Dustin Vogelsong with prior calculation and design caused the death of his grandfather, 74 year old Larry Vogelsong, at his residence on Behnfeldt Road.And that he attempted to cause the death of a female at the same location, with a shovel used as a deadly weapon.Dustin Vogelsong then allegedly stole his grandfather’s car and removed two young children from the residence, fleeing into Michigan, where they were released unharmed.

Another indictment by the Defiance County Grand Jury included 32 year old Terry L. Grimm of Sherwood, who was indicted for Felonious Assault and Domestic Violence.