Following an emergency meeting of the executive committee at the Corrections Center of northwest Ohio, the regional jail will no longer be taking new inmates, unless they represent a threat to the public or themselves.The board acted on the recommendation of executive director at CCNO, Dennis Sullivan.

The move was in response to 19 positive tests for corona virus among the regional jail’s 518 inmates, and another 4 staff members.Although one of those staff members has recovered and returned, while another returns this weekend.

The CCNO facility needs the open beds to distance some of the inmates during this pandemic.And the Ohio Prison System is not taking any inmates from any jails around the state, where Covid-19 has surfaced.

If anyone is released from jail due to their term being complete, local health departments are being notified if they tested positive, or if they had exposure to someone testing positive.CCNO is working with local judges on this situation, with the current population at 518, and a capacity of 644.

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