When you are driving down the road, and have the itch to check your phone or text someone; remember, there could be someone working near the highway on a project to make traveling easier for motorists.If you’re distracted, you might think you can keep your vehicle on the road.But even a slight wobble can take your car to the berm, where an unprotected worker is vulnerable.

This is ‘national work zone awareness week’- a time dedicated to promoting safety in workzones around the nation, protecting not only workers, but pedestrians and motorists as well.

Last year there were over 6,500 work zone crashes, an all-time record.In fact, that was a 40% increase.Our local communities have had dads and grand-fathers killed as a result of vehicles getting off into work-zone areas.

In 2019 around Ohio, there were 1,121 people injured in work zones, while another 16 lost their lives.

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