Most every county in northwest Ohio saw their unemployment rates drop again in the month of September.Despite that decline locally, the jobless rate in Ohio nudged up from 4.1 to 4.2%.

Henry County’s unemployment dropped below 4% to 3.9, a decrease of two-tenths of a percent last month.

Fulton County’s jobless rate fell from 3.9 to 3.8%.Defiance County’s unemployment was 4.2%, also down from 4.3 in August.And Williams County was lowest in the four county area with a jobless rate of 3.4%.

Putnam County reported the lowest unemployment in the region at 3%, holding steady from the month before.And Wood County checked-in at 3.8%.Paulding County hit 4%.

Around the Buckeye State, the lowest unemployment was Mercer County’s rate of 2.8%.And the highest jobless rate can be found in Monroe County at 6.9% for September.

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