The open-enrollment figures for local school districts are now being tallied, and for some districts it means more students and more tax dollars.For other disricts, the opposite is true.Checking in Defiance County, Northeastern Local at Tinora is taking-in 201 more students through open enrollment, while another 127 leave for other districts in the area.That’s a net gain of 74 students for Northeastern Local School, which brings the district about $518,000 this year.

Hicksville schools take-in 75 more students through open enrollment; while losing 16 to other districts.That’s a plus 59 in student numbers at Hicksville, with about $413,000 additional dollars.

Central Local School at Fairview has a negative outcome in open enrollment.They take-in 83 students at Central Local, while another 130 students leave the district.That’s a minus 47 students for Fairview, which means about $322,000 leaves the district.

And the Ayersville Local Schools report open-enrollment students make-up a sizeable portion of their student body.Ayersville takes-in 275 students this year for open-enrollment, while losing 70 to other districts.That’s a plus-205 students, which brings the district an additional 1.4 million dollars per year in funding.But it also requires more teachers to hire in expenses.Open enrollment students make-up about 35% of the entire student body at Ayersville.

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