An arrest has been made in connection with a bank robbery that occurred in Oakwood on Wednesday morning.An arrest warrant had been issued by the Paulding County Sheriff for 40 year old David Abram Ziesel of West Palm Beach, Florida, hours after the bank robbery occurred.Then just before 3pm Thursday, the suspect, David Ziesel walked into the probation office in West Palm Beach where he was scheduled for an appointment.The subject was taken into custody at that point, and now awaits extradition back to Paulding County where he faces a charge of Aggravated Robbery.Sheriff Jason Landers reports Ziesel showed-up at the probation office driving the van suspected in the Paulding County robbery.They are working with Florida law officers to preserve any potential evidence in that vehicle for use in the Ohio robbery case.The investigation is on-going, so information is still being sought by the Paulding County Sheriff’s office, working with the FBI.