It’s label is known all over the world; and its products have nourished generations.We’re talking about the Campbell Soup Company, celebrating 150 years in business.

It all started in 1869 when Joseph Campbell, a fruit merchant, and Abraham Anderson, an icebox manufacturer formed the company in Camden, New Jersey.Campbell Soup has grown to an international food producer, with annual sales of 8 billion dollars.

The first can of Campbell’s ‘ready to eat’ tomato soup was produced in 1895.

The company moved to the crimson and white label in 1898, after Campbell’s officials say a football game between Cornell and Penn.And the colors of Cornell University were adopted on every can of soup since.

The medallion shown on Campbell Soup labels was won for their soup at the Paris Exposition in the year 1900.

The first can of chicken noodle soup is produced by Campbell’s in 1934.That would be followed by the debut of V-8 juice in 1948.Goldfish crackers joined the company in 1962.And production of Prego tomato sauce first took place in 1981.The Campbell Soup Company plans a number events to celebrate with their employees.

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