There were a number of personnel issues to discuss at the Napoleon School Board meeting on Wednesday.The board accepted resignations from teachers Brett Ziegler, Joe Good, Deborah Wesche, and Brooke Kreinbrink, along with bus driver-Susan Nagel.The Napoleon Board also approved the hiring of intervention teachers for the coming year- Elizabeth Fitzenreiter, Kris Campbell, and Jan Wiemken.Brandon Turner was hired for a 4th grade teaching position.

There was recognition for state track participants Kaelyn Glanz, and Caitlyn Good.And service contracts were approved by the Napoleon School Board, including about $16,000 for drug screening of students for the coming year.A contract with the Henry County Hospital was approved for nursing services, estimated at 60 to $70,000.The cost for insurance coverage for district property was approved at $96,600, which is a slight decrease.And the Napoleon Board approved a motion to bring a school resource law officer into the school for this coming school year.It’s a contract for about 190 days, at a cost of close to $60,000; but some grant dollars will be sought to help defray that expense.On days of no school, the city of Napoleon picks up the cost of the officer.