The May special election is less than two weeks away, but early voter turnout has been light all over northwest Ohio.

At the Henry County Board of Elections, 33 persons have cast their ballots on the new polling machines, while another 10 absentee ballots have been requested.And another 28 nursing home residents voted, with the only issue on the ballot in Henry County, the tax request to construct a new swimming pool facility.

In Fulton County, only 6 early votes have been made in person at the board of elections, and there have been 9 absentee ballot requests.The nursing home vote ahead of election day in Fulton County was 45.

And a check of Defiance County indicates there have been just 6 early votes in-person at the board of elections.There have been 40 requests for absentee ballots in Defiance County.The special election will be on Tuiesday, May 7th.

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