When word poured out of the Midwest last month that severe and historic flooding was hitting that region, it impacted farmers all over Nebraska and Iowa.But what can we do, living hundreds of miles away?Some northwest Ohio farmers said to each other, there’s plenty we can do.So producers from Henry, Defiance, Fulton, Williams and PauldingCounties got together.They loaded nearly two dozen pickups and wagons with what they had- which was hay, straw, farm minerals, along with animal feed; and they headed westbound from the Fulton County Fairgrounds last Sunday.Some of those trucks broke down on the way, but they got through, and delivered their much-needed care package to farmers in the middle of Nebraska, near Kearney.It’s estimated their care package totaled more than $20,000 in aid.The trip had to be made with smaller trucks because the roads were in such bad shape due to the flooding.It was a quick rescue mission, as the northwest Ohio contingent returned on Wednesday morning, to get back to their own farms.