The Corrections Commission of northwest Ohio has been discussing how to respond to ‘findings and orders’ from the Ohio EPA regarding the water tower at the regional jail.    Defiance County Commissioners discussed the matter Thursday as part of dialogue on the Evansport waterline project.   The water supplied to CCNO comes from a pipeline from the village of Archbold.   And Defiance County Commissioners were informed by the village of Archbold, that ‘at this time, there is no support to make a financial commitment to the aeration project needed for the CCNO water tower.”   High levels of ‘THM’s” have been found in the Evansport waterline, which serves close to 100 customers.  

          Defiance County Commissioners and the Brunersburg water and sewer district will be scheduling a meeting with the EPA to discuss the next step needed in finding a solution.     They will be seeking an extension to implementing changes.