The two sides in the Holgate teachers contract situation are at impasse after several days of federal mediation.   According to the contract at Holgate, signed by the teachers association and board of education, when contract talks bog-down, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services are brought in.  That led to a few day-long bargaining and mediation sessions.            Following those meetings, the Holgate School Board issued their final offer to teachers, which the board reports is a good balance for teachers, and the taxpayers of the community.                 

The board also reports they welcome any questions concerning that offer from the Holgate Teachers Association.             A recent release from the teachers group indicates the members chose not to vote on the offer, and instead authorized the filing of a 10-day strike notice.        The Teachers Association is asking for more negotiations; but those can only be called by the federal mediator at this point.                         The Holgate Schools report the teachers have the right to strike, according to Ohio law, but the board of education has a plan in place to staff the classrooms with qualified and licensed teachers to provide learning for children in the district.