There has been dialogue between the city of Napoleon and Napoleon schools on several common-ground issues over the past year.   The recent issue in-question has been, who is responsible for making repairs on Clairmont Avenue, between Briarheath and Westmoreland Avenue.   Both sides have claimed ownership, but who pays for the repairs, is the main issue to resolve. 

          It now looks like there will be more discussion between the two Napoleon governmental agencies; because there are other issues to work-out.    Those include the illegal parking on Westmoreland avenue when ball games are going on, handling of traffic before and after school on Westmoreland, and finding a more permanent solution to the stone patch lane at the elementary school on Westmoreland.  

If these issues can be resolved; the two sides could benefit from each actively participating in a grant application for ‘safe routes to schools’ money.   That could help remedy issues for pedestrian and bike traffic trying to access school property off Bales Road and other areas.                 But the first problem to solve is repairs to Claimont Avenue around the school, which are estimated to cost $275,000.