The Henry County Sheriff’s office has announced the arrest of three subjects in connection with multiple vehicle break-ins reported in Washington Township over the past few weeks.    At 3:13am Thursday, a resident discovered to unknown males in their vehicle.   The subjects fled in another auto from that location.   But there were Henry County deputies on patrol in the area, and a vehicle description was given.   The suspect vehicle was stopped a while late on road C in Fulton County, with 3 occupants inside.   A search of the vehicle revealed stolen property.   A search warrant was obtained for a property in Jasper, Michigan where more stolen items were recovered.  Arrested and charged with Theft were 22 year old Taylor Holdridge of Bryan, 22 year old Christian McGowan of Jasper, Michigan, and a 17 year old male subject from Jasper.  Taylor Holdridge was released pending presentation of the case to the Henry County Grand Jury.   Christian McGowan was transported to CCNO, and the youth was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center.  The Henry County Sheriff’s office is asking anyone that has been the victim of a break-in recently in the Washington Township or Liberty Center area should contact their office.

The Henry County Sheriff’s office reports another theft was discovered on road U-1 near Liberty Center on Thursday.

And a gravity wagon was reported stolen from a field along roads 6 and V near Liberty Center after 5pm Thursday.