Another area school district is considering a solar field to power their buildings.   The Liberty Center school Board received an offer from Entrust Limited, seeking to place solar panels on the school property, and offering energy savings to the district.  Entrust reports this solar energy would provide up to 75% of the electrical needs of Liberty Center schools, and save them money on utility bills.    There is room on the school property both west and south of the building for the solar panels.   More discussion will take place among the board members before a decision is made.

This was the final meeting for superintendent Todd Hug, who is retiring for a new position at NWOCA.  He was commended by the Liberty Center school board and district for his leadership over the past years.

                   The board commended the Liberty Center football team on their playoff run to the state final 4, including Casey Mohler named Toledo Blade coach of the year.

The district will be reimbursing cheerleaders for their trip to nationals in Florida next Spring, and the wrestling team was approved for overnight tournaments at Marion in December and January.

                   Liberty Center residents are reminded, the annual holiday breakfast for senior citizens is this Thursday at 8:30am in the auditeria, with no reservations required.

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