After hours of discussion and input from visitors and committee members, it looks like Napoleon residents will be asked to consider a tax levy to fund a new swimming pool complex in the city.  The new aquatic commission organized Monday night, appointing Rachel Bostelman chair of the group.

          It was determined early-on at the session, that the current .2% income tax for parks and recreation would not be able to fund a new pool facility.  The commission reviewed options for raising funds to construct a new swimming complex, and felt the best was a property tax levy.   The Napoleon pool commission is hoping to place that tax issue on the ballot next May, over a period of 20 years.    The exact millage is still to be determined; but the Pool Commission would like to see an 8 lane competition pool for 25 yards, less than half the length of the current 50 meter pool.    But the options also should include water slides, a spray area, maybe even a lazy river, with umbrellas and seating.   A water facility would need lighting, and a parking lot; but could utilize concessions since they are adjacent to the Napoleon golf course.                   A time frame could allow the current pool to be open in 2019 while planning is going on; and then a shutdown in 2020 for demolition and construction of the new water facility.

                   The final cost is still to be determined; along with millage necessary to build a new swimming complex in Napoleon.   That would lead to a recommendation being made to the full Napoleon city council.