More information has been released by Napoleon Police concerning a Tuesday night incident in the city.  At about 9:33pm Tuesday, the department was called concerning an aggravated robbery that occurred at the Speedway gas station at 904 Scott Street.  A description of the vehicle and a license plate were relayed to law officers.  Then at about 11:10pm, the vehicle was spotted on Devonshire Drive, and a traffic stop took place.  The driver was 26 year old Adam Payne, who was taken into custody.  There is conflicting information as to the residence of Payne, with Napoleon listed by police, and a Mansfield address listed in Municipal Court.  During the arrest, Adam Payne was charged with Attempted Vandalism for trying to damage the police vehicle, for Attempted Escape, and there were other warrants from other agencies charging him with Aggravated Menacing and Assault.  Payne was arraigned in Municipal Court, with bond set at $100,000.   He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing next Thursday, while being held at CCNO.