With costs going up in equipment, technology, salaries, and radio upgrades the Defiance County 9-1-1 emergency telephone committee has recommended an increase in their levy request for this November.   The Defiance County Commissioners approved that recommendation, and passed a resolution seeking to renew the current 9-1-1 emergency telephone levy, and increase the millage to 1.4 mills.    This replaces a previous resolution that sought an increase to 1.2 mills.           The 9-1-1 levy was first passed in Defiance County in the 1990’s.

And Defiance County Commissioners reviewed an order from the Ohio EPA proposing findings and orders for the airport waterline, which extends from the Brunersburg Water and Sewer District.  The violations are due to high levels of ‘TTHM’s” in the pipeline system.   Commissioners report they will be working with the Brunersburg district to find the most economical and effective solution for customers.