It’s full speed ahead for a solar energy installation at the Holgate School to power the district facilities.  The Holgate School Board approved the project Wednesday night, which includes no monetary investment by the district; as they will then purchase the power from the company installing the solar panels.   The solar field will be located just south of the back parking lot at the school.      The Holgate Board also approved another phase of the project which includes installation of a new chiller for the building, along with LED lighting.  This investment will cost about $43,000 each year; but the investment would be paid back in 10 years or less, due the energy savings generated.                                          The Holgate district is considering participation in a school resource law officer through the Henry County Sheriff’s office.  Liberty Center and Patrick Henry are also being approached about the joint effort.    The officer would be in each school every day.                             The Holgate board accepted the resignation of Spanish Teacher Tricia Blasius, and from virtual academy coordinator Raymond Greene.    Jeff McMahon stepped down as physical education teacher for a new position at Elmwood.   Brad Hurst was approved to replace McMahon as the new varsity cross country coach.

                   And the Holgate board went into executive session to discuss employment of personnel and negotiations; but no action was taken.   The current contract with teachers expires in August.