Personnel contracts and services for the district were part of the discussion at the Liberty Center school board meeting this week.  All the head coaches in varsity sports were approved for the new school year, and all remain the same as last year.                        The Liberty Center board also accepted the resignation of art teacher, Danett Setmire; with the opening in K-6 art.   Kathy Curlis also retired as bus driver for the district.

Cafeteria prices were approved for this year, with an increase of 5 to 10 cents reported for students.                   Ticket prices will remain the same.

          And the insurance premium for Liberty Center school property, fleet and liability was approved at just over $74,000.  That’s an increase of about $5,000 due to increased valuation of the school facilities.

                   But the contract for nursing services was reduced by about $13,000 for the upcoming year, through the Henry County Hospital.

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