When summer weather hits, the scams move to a new mode of emphasis says Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.  Look-out for scams involving home improvements and travel-related schemes.  Be careful and ask for references, and take time to make a decision, don’t be pressured.

          Last summer alone, about 600 complaints were logged at the state agency regarding scams around the Buckeye State.

                   Here are some examples:  after storm damage, scammers will swoop in to help make repairs, but be careful about who you hire.

There are rental scams with the promise of a site, and they ask for a deposit for a property that is not available.

There are scammers that warn they are from the utility companies and will shut-off your power unless you make a payment.

And there are driveway paving scams, where they say they have some left-over concrete or asphalt, and can give you a good deal.  Don’t be sucked-in because they do minimal or shoddy work says the Attorney General’s office.

          Some common signs of a scam are:  pressure to act immediately, claims that are too good to be true, requests for payment via wire transfer, money order or gift card, and requests for large down payments.