The city of Defiance is committed to development in the future, with council approving an agreement to purchase about 80 acres of land for a new industrial park.   The parcel would be located at the Domersville Road exit of U.S. 24; and would include a purchase price of 2 million dollars.   Pro-Medica is expected to purchase the bonds to fund the project.

                   Defiance Council approved funds for the Geneva Road project, which will open the door to Credit Adjustments new corporate headquarters construction project in 2019.

          A second round-about will be installed near Defiance high school, at Jefferson and Palmer Drive, with a price tag of close to 1 million dollars.  Some grant dollars will pay a sizeable portion of the project.

Defiance Council passed a resolution to support the ‘save our school’ initiative which would keep the old 1918 Defiance School building from being demolished.

And a ribbon-cutting was held for the new Pro-Medica medical office building going-up at the U.S. 24 exit at state route 15.   It will be a 41,000 square foot facility.

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