The city of Napoleon is seeking some financial relief from the state when it comes to keeping the Maumee River clean in discharges from the waste water plant.   As part of their long-term control plan, the EPA set a goal of collecting 85% of any storm sewer over-runs of the sanitary sewer.  It was a costly proposition for Napoleon, spending about 25 million dollars to keep sewer overflows out of the river.  But the 2017 report indicates Napoleon did a phenomenal job, in keeping 98% of overflows contained- well above the state’s goal of 85%.   But now the Ohio EPA is telling Napoleon they have to spend another 31 million dollars to make sure they are achieving even better results than the 98%.   Napoleon’s Board of Public Affairs is challenging the reasoning for spending 31 million dollars to achieve 2% more overflow collection, and have sent letters to the EPA.   Napoleon feels the money would be better spent in upgrading their nearly 60 year old waste water plant.