The Archbold School Board of Education approved paying-down some of their debt on a lighting upgrade project with the help of savings generated by their wind turbine.   At this week’s meeting, a payment of $335,000 was approved, which still leaves about $312,000 to pay on the project.  The Archbold school wind turbine has been cranking-out energy savings for 5 years, reducing overall energy costs each year by 60 to $70,000. 

          The Archbold board approved a new two-year contract for district treasurer Christine Ziegler, with a salary increase of 1.75%.

Zeb Frank was approved as jv basketball coach for the coming season.        

          And the Archbold School Board commended Maxwell Sauber who installed a new barrier for the elementary playground to protect students.  He raised the money himself for the project.

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