The Defiance County Commissioners have started planning for transportation issues, when the Clinton Street Bridge in Defiance goes under construction in 2019.    There will be two stop lights put-up on the Domersville Road Bridge over U.S. 24, with heavy traffic expected at that location.  There will be a temporary light on the south end of the Domersville overpass, and a permanent stop light is expected to be placed on the north end.                         Defiance County Commissioners hosted their second public hearing for block grant projects Thursday, and no applications were submitted.                       The same story was true when the village of Ney sought bids for their water treatment plant improvements-again no company submitted bids to tackle the project.

Commissioners are debating how to pay for proposed improvements to the first floor of the Defiance County Commissioners building, which are estimated at 1.5 million dollars.   Options include bonding the entire amount, bonding a portion of the amount, or paying cash for the project.