After listening to comments from the defendant James Worley, Fulton County Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Robinson has handed down his sentence in the murder of Sierra Joughin (joggin).    Judge Robinson followed the recommendation of the Fulton County jury from several weeks ago, and ordered the death penalty for 59 year old James Worley.  His execution is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2019.

When Worley was given the chance to make a statement on his behalf; he rambled on for nearly a half hour, turning to face the audience.   He pointed to the fact his DNA was not under the fingernails of the victim, and continued to deny guilt in the murder of Sierra Joughin.     Worley stated it must have been someone else that committed this crime; although he never took the witness stand to testify under oath on his behalf.          The family of Sierra Joughin filed statements on behalf of the 20 year old who was killed in 2016.   Her uncle delivered those statements before the court.