There will be a drug testing policy for students in grades 7 through 12 at Napoleon Area Schools beginning this fall.  That program was approved unanimously by the Napoleon School Board Monday night, and will include evaluation and counseling for those testing positive for alcohol or drugs.  Each student in a co-curricular and extra curricular activity will be tested at the start of the year, which will be followed by random screenings after that. 

          In personnel action, the Napoleon board awarded a number of contracts to teachers and support staff for the coming year, including continuing contracts for Heather Bachnman, Emily Faerber, and Lainee Meyer.               Christie Metzner was hired as a new guidance counselor for grades 3 through 6.         And the Napoleon board accepted the resignation of intervention teacher Ashley Rice.

          Napoleon will be purchasing 330 Chromebooks for students at nearly $94,000; while approving the sale of 275 Apple Laptop computers at auction.

And the summer school session for students will begin on June 11th, running through July 27th.

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