With the city of Napoleon losing as many as 900 citizens over the past 18 years; the affects are starting to impact utility rates.   Those costs for electric and water rates are now being spread over fewer people, and likely over fewer companies as well.               To try and reverse that trend, Napoleon Council unanimously approved first reading on an ordinance to eliminate certain building fees to try and attract more residential home construction.

                   Napoleon Council also passed a resolution to spend about $40,000 for an upgrade in monitoring equipment for the waste water treatment plant.

Council is investing about $35,000 to pay for the Reveille Company to create a comprehensive master plan for Napoleon.

And Napoleon Council is moving forward with a wellness plan for city employees to go along with their health care coverage.   This should result in saving for the city; but employees that do not participate in the wellness options will likely see a surcharge in their premiums.   All the city unions have approved participation.                Napoleon Council also approved the recommendations from the tax incentive review committee for agreements with Koester (kester) Corporation, Rite Aid, Petro, and the Spec building property.

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