Deliberations in the murder trial for James Worley of rural Delta have moved to a second day in Fulton County Common Pleas Court.  The jury has also changed for the second time in the trial.  An alternate was placed on the jury, after a member of the panel dropped-off last week for some unknown reason.   The female from the original jury was replaced by one of 6 alternates that have also been sitting-in for the trial.  That alternate was a male added to the jury.                  Now today (Tues.) a second juror is leaving the panel due to an illness.   And that female is being replaced by another female juror.   That puts the jury makeup at 8 women and 4 men deliberating the verdict for James Worley, who is accused of Aggravated Murder and Kidnapping.   The jury will likely deliberate until about 6:30pm today, if needed; and then would be sequestered for another night.