A new middle school building for the Archbold school district was discussed at the most recent session of the board of education.   The preliminary discussion is focused-on adding a middle school section to the current elementary building.  Archbold school officials are meeting with the state facilities commission for more information (Tuesday/today), to determine the percentage of state tax dollars that could be utilized.  It’s estimated that figure would be about 25%.     Archbold school officials will be touring other districts buildings for ideas on their project, and gathering input from the public.  This is a project that is down the line, with anticipated construction around 2023, if approved.

A tax abatement agreement was approved for Discount Drug Mart, in a potential new business for the community.  They have purchased property at the corner of Barre (bar) road and South Defiance Street, and are looking at their options.  It’s a company that would likely bring-in up to 30 full and part-time employees, if they proceed with the project.

The Archbold School Board approved Alissa Stockberger as cheerleading advisor for the coming year; and an overnight trip for Archbold 8th grade students to Washington DC was approved for this May 3rd through 6th.