A grant to enhance the link for neighborhoods to Napoleon school buildings will be park of an application approved by Napoleon Council Monday.   That grant would also help connect the Maumee River towpath through Napoleon.   The project would include installation of sidewalks along the west side of Jahns Road to link with the county-installed sidewalk leading to Bales Road.   A ramp is also proposed leading from west Riverview at Jahns Road down into Ritter Park.   The grant is for 1.1 million dollars, with the city responsible for 5% of the cost, if approved.

Napoleon Council has recommended contracting with Courtney and Associates for a water rate study, to begin after the new water treatment plant goes on-line in June.                    Contracts were approved for fire and rescue service provided by Napoleon to Freedom, Harrison and Napoleon Townships, along with the village of Florida.

                   And Napoleon Council approved a first reading on a resolution to spend over $25,000 for a comprehensive master plan for the city with the Reveille Company.   They completed a similar plan for Henry County and the CIC.